Harrowing Scene As Police Officer Stops Man From Jumping Off Sixth-Floor Balcony

This is the intense moment when a police officer in Connecticut was able to save a suicidal man’s life, grabbing him just a split second after he had tossed himself over a sixth-floor balcony.

The incident took place at a nursing home in Hamden, where the staff called police to report a “combative resident.” Officer Justin Martin arrived to the scene and began mediating a dispute between an elderly resident and the employees when the resident suddenly ran off.

Bodycam footage shows Martin chasing the man up three flights of stairs and toward the balcony. When he sees that the resident is intent on killing himself, Martin springs into action and grabs him by his feet, momentarily leaving the man hanging upside down.

Even though he had just flirted with death, the resident was still combative and continued to fight with the officer who saved his life until he was forcibly restrained. No word has surfaced as to the nature of the dispute so bad that it almost made the resident end it all.