Terrifying Scene Where Police Officer Gets Shot In The Face

Police in Missouri have released dashcam footage of the shocking moment when a routine traffic stop turned into chaos when the suspect jumped out of his car and fired gunshots at the cop, hitting him twice in the face.

The gruesome incident took place when Pleasant Valley Police Officer Jacob Baldwin pulled over 33-year-old Omar Maria. Just a few seconds after both vehicles come to a stop, Maria throws open his door and unloads a volley of shots at the police cruiser.

Despite getting shot in the face twice, Baldwin was able to radio help and provide a description of the suspect. Authorities kicked off a search that led to Maria’s arrest the following Sunday after an armed standoff with police.

Now, the shooter has been sentenced to a 100-year prison sentence, including 30 years for attempted assault on a law enforcement officer and 70 years for armed criminal actions. The sentences will not overlap.

Baldwin claimed during Maria’s sentencing that he still experiences double vision and headaches from getting shot in the face and has suffered nerve damage and sinus issues. He still has a bullet lodged below his right eye and glass fragments stuck in the side of his face.