Police Officer And Brave Woman Team Up To Help Snapping Turtle Cross The Road

A police officer and a Good Samaritan rescued a turtle from potentially getting run over as it slowly tried to cross a busy roadway. In return, the cold-blooded reptile nearly ripped one of the cop’s fingers off with its powerful jaws.

According to the Prince William County Police Department, a turtle was spotted trying to make its way across Linton Hall Road near Alexandria, Virginia. Knowing that it didn’t stand a chance of doing so on its own, a woman produced a helpful red wagon to facilitate the journey.

That only left the small matter of placing the hefty turtle in the wagon. The video shows a police officer gingerly grabbing the turtle and hoisting it off the ground, but as soon as he lets go, the turtle repays his kindness with a surprisingly quick snap.

Once seated in his new ride, the turtle is luxuriously transported across the street thanks to a combined effort by the cop and the woman. Slow and steady wins the race indeed.