Tense Scene Where Police Officer Attempts To Wrestle Gun Away From Deranged Man

A Kansas police officer who found himself on the wrong side of a firearm has his quick reflexes to thank for his safety after a routine traffic stop turned into a bizarre standoff.

Dashcam footage shows an Overland Park police officer approaching 34-year-old Bradley Poland, whom the officer had pulled over earlier for allegedly driving the wrong way down the street. When the officer got out of the car, Poland sped away but promptly crashed into a tree.

Instead of talking to the officer, though, Poland began to walk off, forcing the officer to give chase. He can be seen asking Poland to show his hands, which is when he spots a gun at point-blank range.

The officer acts swiftly, grabbing Poland’s hand and twisting the pistol out of his grasp. When Poland continues to refuse to cooperate, the officer performs a takedown and pins the suspect to the ground, audibly out of breath from the scuffle. He held Poland there until backup arrived.