Police Look For Desperate Men Who Stole Emergency Munchies

We all get the munchies from time to time but this is just ridiculous: surveillance footage out of Detroit shows a clumsy thief’s feeble attempt to escape with a hoard of snacks that he snatched from a convenience store.

According to police, the two suspects pulled up to the gas station at around 5:00 am on March 22, apparently suffering from empty stomachs. While one of the men waited behind the wheel of the getaway car, the other sprang into action.

The thief, who can be seen wearing a red hoodie and blue jeans, runs into frame while holding multiple large boxes of bagged snacks. When he tries to open the door, one of the boxes tumbles out of his arms and spills onto the ground.

It takes him nearly ten seconds to pull the door open, gather his misbegotten munchies and finally exit the premises. Police say that the pair of gluttonous goons left the scene in a silver vehicle.