Police In Alaska Off The Hook For Shooting Armed Man. Here’s The Footage.

Last summer, 28 year-old James Robert Richards, Jr. of Fairbanks was shot twice by Fairbanks Police Sgt. Gregory Foster. Now, officials have released the findings of his investigation to determine if Sgt. Foster should be subject to criminal charges.

Portions of the incident were captured on various video surveillance apparatuses, including police bodycams, police dashcams, and local business video surveillance systems.

Multiple calls to 9-1-1 when Richards shot his weapon inside a building after reportedly breaking into an apartment and attacking at least one individual brought several officers to the scene.

Police tried to engage him and talk to him, but he would not respond or put down his weapon. They also tried to subdue him with tasers, but he kept right on going, walking casually away from the officers.

At some point he started walking with an elderly man who had been waiting for the bus. The A.G.’s report indicates the police believed he might have been using the gentleman as a human shield. The police continually urged Richards to drop his weapon.

At least one officer can be heard on the video saying, “Please, stop, talk to us, drop your weapon, it doesn’t have to end like this.”

The A.G. found that Sgt. Foster acted reasonably in consideration of the totality of the circumstances and that he reasonably surmised the situation was dangerous and could escalate. Also Richards was clearly armed, already shot the weapon once and was using the elderly gentleman as protection.

Finally, Sgt. Foster believed deadly force was indicated and shot Richards twice in the head. He will not be charged.