Was This Unnecessary Force? Police Dog Bites Ohio Man During Traffic Stop

A passenger who allegedly refused to listen to an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer’s orders during a traffic stop learned the hard way that police dogs aren’t quite as forgiving.

Troopers stopped Samuel Tolbert on Monday night because he did not have a license plate on his car’s rear bumper. Dashcam footage shows that Tolbert did not stop when a police cruiser began following him with his lights on and instead waited until he arrived at the home of his passenger, Dannie Oliver.

Oliver then began filming the interaction via Facebook Live, in which he claimed that Tolbert had been slammed to the ground and arrested by cops. Tolbert can be heard asking Oliver to retrieve his ID card from the glove compartment of his car.

As Oliver attempts to do so, a trooper approaches him and yells, “Get out of the car!” Oliver attempts to explain his side of the story to no avail. Suddenly, Oliver can be heard screaming in pain, shouting that a dog was attacking his leg. Meanwhile, the trooper orders him to stop fighting the dog and places him under arrest.

Jail records show that both men were arrested on a charge of obstructing official business, while Tolbert also faced charges of willful fleeing, a probation violation, and drug possession.

The story has gone viral on social media, where many users have labeled the incident as a clear usage of excessive force on the part of the Ohio state troopers. The department has indicated that it will review the incident to determine whether unnecessary force was, in fact, employed.

Here’s the aforementioned Facebook Live video to give you another perspective of this incident: