Streetfight! Police Dashcam Films Two Deer Brawling In The Middle Of The Road

It might be mating season and all but that’s no reason to get crazy. A pair of belligerent deer nearly found themselves getting tased and arrested when they were caught on an Ohio patrolman’s dashcam as they brawled in the street.

The footage, which was shared by the Westerville Police Department, shows the cop driving down a dark street when two four-legged fighters suddenly spill out onto the roadway. Not even the presence of the law can halt their feud.

The deer hop onto their hind legs and begin duking it out for several moments, each one scoring some solid hoof hits on the other while the cop simply looks on. They then put aside their differences long enough to dash off the street and into the night.

Despite the shocking display of public violence, the Westerville Police Department does not plan to launch an investigation into the matter. And of course, the mainstream media is silent on this – but is anybody surprised?