Intense End To Police Chase Involving Walmart Shoplifters

A pair of Walmart shoplifters found themselves fleeing from police at speeds upwards of 100 mph after making the ill-advised decision to attempt to elude capture. Instead, the two thieves wound up nearly losing their lives after the getaway driver lost control of the vehicle and flipped it.

The incident took place in Edmond, Oklahoma when 25-year-old Derek Lamont Benjamin and 27-year-old Shawn Deontra Bruner employed the five-finger discount at their local Walmart.

When police tried to stop the thieves, Benjamin and Bruner instead drove away, reaching triple-digit speeds as they ran red lights and stop signs in a desperate attempt to avoid the slammer.

After several minutes, the crooks attempt to overtake another vehicle but only succeed in losing control of the car, sending it lurching into a head-on collision with another vehicle. Two innocent bystanders were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Now, Benjamin faces charges of obstruction of a police officer, petty larceny, and felony attempting to elude – not to mention an outstanding warrant for burglary. Bruner was also charged with obstruction of a police officer and petty larceny, but dodged the felony charge since he wasn’t driving.