Police Chase Ends When Fleeing Suspect Drives Pickup Truck Into River

A high-speed police chase suddenly transformed into a water rescue when the drunken fugitive maneuvered his getaway car into the frigid waters of Michigan’s St. Clair River and refused to swim back to shore.

Dashcam footage out of Marysville shows Joshua Cook desperately trying to elude police capture as he zooms down a road overlooking the river. For whatever reason, Cook lurches his pickup truck to the left, sending it plunging into 38-degree water.

Fortunately for the drunk driver, he was able to get out of the car and tread water. When police ordered him to get out of the water or risk hypothermia, though, Cook remained stubborn, screaming expletives at the police and telling them that he wanted to die.

Once the cold finally gets to him, Cook changes his tune and accepts the officers’ help in getting out of the water. He apologizes for his crazy behavior as he’s being helped out.

Now, Cook is behind bars on a slew of charges and police determined that he had a felony warrant in a nearby town. They also managed to recover his F-150.