Police Chase Ends In Funny Fashion On Bike Path

Authorities have released dashcam footage from two Ohio police cruisers that were involved in a cartoon-like police chase that resulted in one of the cop cars getting stuck on a bike path.

The video shows the chase unfold from two different angles as the runaway driver maneuvers his vehicle off the road and onto a bike path. Both cops bravely follow as the path becomes more and more narrow.

Then, the suspect drives into a cramped section of the path that is fenced on both sides. His vehicle promptly gets stuck, but so does the police cruiser, leaving both vehicles comically stranded just yards away from each other.

The fugitives eventually manage to escape on foot, but a second police cruiser managed to track them down before long by making use of a K-9 unit. Edmundas Baubys, who was found hiding under a boat, faces charges in relation to the incident.

Police are still looking for two women that were also said to have been involved, one of whom served as the getaway driver. The three could also face charges stemming from drug paraphernalia that was found in their vehicle.