Was This Police Brutality or Did Homeless Man Deserve To Be Tasered?

Video of the moment when a Denver Police Department officer used a taser on a homeless man has gone viral, leading many activists to call for the cop to get fired.

The incident took place in June and was recorded by the officer’s bodycam. Authorities were called to the scene after receiving reports that two homeless men were fighting.

In the clip, Gregory Heard can be seen crawling out from a stand of bushes as the officer orders him to stop. Heard, who seems to not immediately comprehend the order, takes one small step forward before the officer nails him with the taser.

Heard lets out an agonized scream before falling to the ground and getting arrested by the police officer. His attorney, John Holland, claimed that Heard was simply “An unarmed person who wasn’t threatening [the police officer.]”

While many Denver residents have criticized the cop for being so quick to take down Heard, others have sided with police, insisting that Heard knew the commands and realized that he had a taser pointed at him.

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