Package Pirate Steals Large Amazon Box From Front Porch

This is a public service announcement to all you online shoppers out there: make sure you arrange for your deliveries to take place when you’re home or you’re just asking for your stuff to get stolen. Police in Washington D.C. are on the lookout for a dirty package thief who swiped a shipment straight off someone’s front porch.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the incident took place on April 8 at a home in Northeast Washington off Constitution Avenue.

A disheveled individual wearing a blue hooded jacket and light-colored pants can be seen cautiously creeping onto the porch before grabbing the package and walking away. No word as surfaced as to what was inside.

By the end of 2015, around 23 million American had gotten packages stolen from their homes, and that number was only expected to rise as online shopping continued to grow in popularity. Authorities have warned homeowners to be on the lookout for “Porch Pirates,” unscrupulous individuals who follow delivery trucks and snatch the packages they leave behind.