OMG! Shocking Moment Pickup Truck Crashes Into Bus With Violent Force

One moment these bus passengers are minding their own business, and the next moment they’re bracing for cover as an out-of-control pickup truck slams smack dab into the side of the bus and sends people flying.

Footage out of Syracuse, New York shows the terrifying incident as it unfolded from both inside and outside of the bus. From outside, the truck can be seen veering into a grassy median and gunning directly toward the bus without losing any speed.

From inside, a woman can be seen covering her face with her hands as she spots the runaway truck and yells to her fellow passengers, “Watch out!” Less than a second later, the truck makes its devastating impact.

Herbert Barry, 60, the man nearest to the path of destruction, suffered a broken leg and an injured hand as a result of the collision, while seven others were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Neil Brownell, the driver of the pickup truck, told police that he was trying to brake when he accidentally hit the gas pedal instead and lost control of his vehicle. He was punished with a ticket for failure to reduce speed on a curve and another citation for failure to keep right on a highway.