Peter Falk Dies At 83

Peter Falk Dies At 83 on Newsfeed – Actor Peter Falk passed away on June 24th in Beverly Hills at the age of 83. You may remember him from his famous role as Lieutenant Frank Columbo in the show “Columbo”… If you don’t… get it together, he was great in that show.

Falk would do things on set during scenes that he called “Colombo’isms” like fumble with his keys until the other actor snapped. He did this to help them genuinely look like they were frustrated with his character’s ineptitude. I’ve been doing the same thing to my parents for years.

Falk also had a great film career as well. He won an award for “Nominated for an academy award in Murder, Inc; he was the narrator of the famous movie “The Princess Bride,” and he played the epic role “Pops Romano” in Chris Kattan’s crime drama “Corky Romano.”