Perverted Thief Forces Victim To Take Off All His Clothes During Robbery

That’s one way to get into a stranger’s pants. A fashion-conscious robber in New York City ordered a man to hand over his clothes at gunpoint before running away with his ill-begotten garments.

Police say that the victim, an Orthodox Jewish man in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, was just returning home when an armed assailant ambushed him near the entrance to his apartment building.

Surveillance footage shows the bewildered victim handing over his coat, suit jacket, and pants one-by-one to the robber, who holds the articles of clothing under his arm while keeping the handgun pointing at the man’s head.

As soon as he gets a hold of the victim’s pants, he sprints off into the night, and the suddenly scantily-clad man can be seen frantically ducking into the building for before anyone forces him to take off anything else – leaving his shoes outside.

The culprit has been described as a Hispanic man with curly hair in his mid-twenties. At the time of the robbery, he was wearing a sweatshirt and dark jeans, but beware: he has probably upgraded to a nice suit and coat.