Penis enlargement course

Description – www.jelqman.comA 30 day penis enlargement period where I enlarge my schlong using pills, a penis extender and a jelq device. This little video series is based on a new years resolution to get a bigger penis, because i’ve known about jelqing and all the rest of it for years, but never actually lasted longer than a few days because it can be such a ball ache at times, just standing there bullock naked stretching out your penis for half an hour. Well this year – i bucked up and just ploughed through 30 days of it – and i’m a better penis because of it.Penis enlargement has always been a sticky subject for a lot of us and being in the info and comms age – were all just too impatient and can’t be bothered to wait. And after reading all the ‘Expected results’ pages on these penis enlargement websites, (months for enlargement results basically) i thought – bollocks to that, i’m just gonna combine them all together and hope for the best.And in doing so, managed to pack on 1 inch to my penis. E