Paul Krugman

If you’re like me you probably sit around all day and think what the F will Paul Krugman say next on his crappy little blog!? I’m sure ALL of you agree that this bearded, nobel prize winning, economist-nerd better shut his mouth before I shut it for him. I mean look at him he looks like the President of Iran who I obviously hate! Listen I’ll weather through weird postings of cats and music videos of bands with names that sound like villains in The Hobbit, but when he insults 9/11 remembrance ceremonies and says he’s embarrassed by 9/11 that’s where I draw the line. Hey Krugman go back to punching numbers in your little accounting calculator and figure out how our country can go back to the glory days when everybody owned 5 houses! As a disclaimer I had no idea who Paul Krugman was until about an hour ago, but I still want to fight him.