Pacquiao Vs Mosley Fight

This is a transcript of Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight This weekend on Newsfeed…WBO Welter Weight Champion, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is all set to fight “Sugar” Shane Moseley in Las Vages this Saturday May 7th in what boxing critics are calling the “Let’s hope boxing fans think this guy is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. instead” fight. Pacquiao made a name for himself with notable wins over boxing names such as Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Miguel Cotto but many people may know him from his crushing karaoke defeat to the song “La Bamba.” (Karaoke pic of Pac)Critics are saying that this fight is going to bring in roughly $300 million to the local Las Vegas economy which is much needed due to the economic recession that they are experiencing. Ok Vegas, maybe I’ll buy that little sob story when you stop putting roller coasters on the roofs of hotels.