Overspray Removal Specialist trim & molding repair

Posted by jeffoverspraytech on Oct. 08, 2010

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas is here to tell and show all insurance carriers you dont have to pay to replace trim & molding pieces anymore. This video and others like it prove that we not only repair your vehicles paint, we also have a handle on how to repair the trim and molding pieces. You will not find any videos like this one from another overspray company or detail shop. The reason for that is I invented this process and this is the first time I have ever shared it on the internet. This process not only removes the overspray it also adds life to every pieces that I polish. This takes more time to do this kind of overspray work, but we are very proud of our work and we make the time. Our mobile service can be deployed in 48hours anywhere in the USA. We are considered to be one of the premier overspray companies out there, and I really think this video proves that statement. We are here to serve all insurance carriers and contractors with any of their overspray needs. We have repaired th

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