Olivia Munn Is Funny In A Bikini

Posted by StarStruckChuck on Nov. 03, 2008

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One Olivia Munn. Two Olivia Munns. Three Olivia Munns! This great video has the sexy G4 brunette hilariously interviewing herself, as well as crewing the set. She shows she's a beautiful girl who knows how to laugh. She also has an in depth conversation with a water hose while wearing a bikini. Let's see Barbara Walters do that. Wait actually let's leave it to Olivia. Sexy and funny Munn truly has the best of both worlds.This hot TV beauty hams it up for the video camera in this hilarious clip. The sexy brunette intersperses bikini scenes with comic gold that are somehow hot and funny. Two emotions are better than one and two of these beauties are better than none as shown in this magical film. The lovely actress interviews herself in the mocking self deprecating fashion that would usually accompany a stand-up comedian. Except this brilliant package is wrapped up in a smoking hot body.

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