Badass Old Man With A Cane Stops Attack On Bus Driver

A bizarre incident involving a random act of violence against of bus driver has resulted in one disturbed man landing behind bars – and one brave senior citizen being hailed as a hero for bravely stepping in.

Surveillance footage obtained from a Kansas City, Missouri bus shows a male passenger acting strange for several minutes. He eventually approaches the female bus driver from behind and wraps his arms around her in a bear hug.

While the bus driver is initially calm, she can be seen starting to panic when the man apparently tries to put her in a choke hold. That’s when another elderly passenger springs out of his seat and toward the attacker, armed only with his walking cane.

The gallant grandpa begins beating the attacker with his cane so furiously that it eventually snaps in two, buying enough time for the bus driver to escape unscathed and for police to arrive.

Now, city authorities are trying to track down the Good Samaritan so that they can reward him with a new cane and some free bus passes.