Old Man Mistakenly Thinks This Auto Part Store Has A Drive-Thru

A routine traffic stop outside of a Georgia automotive retailer devolved into chaos when the driver of a parked pickup truck suddenly accelerated, sending his vehicle crashing through the shop and injuring an unsuspecting employee.

Authorities have stated that a police officer went to check on a driver who was parked in front of an Advance Auto Parts store in Summerville when the driver apparently lost control of his vehicle.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured, but an employee at the Advance Auto Parts store was hit in the face by flying debris. No charges have been filed in relation to the accident.

The incident was caught on the officer’s dashcam. Footage shows the police officer briefly speaking to the yet-unidentified driver before he apparently slams his foot on the gas pedal, sending the pickup truck through a glass window and into the middle of the auto parts retailer.