Brazen Old Man Steals Wine And Calmly Walks Out Of Wine Tasting Event

Wine tastings are a wonderful way to sample a bunch of different wines without having to shell out for the whole bottle, but for this Florida man, a small taste wasn’t enough. Police in Sarasota are on the lookout for a sneaky thief who snatched six bottles of alcohol whose value totaled nearly $400.

The brazen incident took place in the late afternoon of March 4th when the suspect – described as a white male in his late 60s or early 70s – was spotted on security cameras as he snatched a bottle of wine off a tasting table and stowed it away in his bag.

He then made his way to a nearby shelf that was fully stocked with liquor. Acting as if he was simply browsing the labels, the crook calmly grabbed five more bottles and stuffed them into his bag before eventually making off with his misbegotten haul.

The stolen bottles reportedly cost $390 in all. Apparently, nobody suspected that the kind elderly man clad in a Hawaiian shirt and walking with a slight limp was actually a hardened criminal with a distinct taste for expensive alcohol.