Times Are Hard! Old Lady Caught Stealing Valuable Items From Flower Shop

Somebody’s grandma is in a lot of trouble for coming down with a serious case of kleptomania. Surveillance footage from a flower shop in Philadelphia shows the moment when an innocent-looking elderly woman reveals her true stripes as a hardened thief.

In the clip, the geriatric bandit can be seen strolling into Robertson’s Flowers in the early afternoon, acting as if she is browsing the shop’s wares. Instead, she waits until the coast is clear before tossing pricy items into a bag she carried into the store.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the woman has targeted this shop. She also carried out a similar heist back in February, and according to the shop’s owner, her antics have cost them over $500 worth of goods.

Police are investigating the incident, but other than the crystal-clear surveillance footage, they do not have much evidence at their disposal. They noted that elderly thief struck both times on a Tuesday and that she had a cordial disposition toward the store employees, but other than those tidbits, they’re stumped.