Brave Police Officer Smashes In Window To Rescue Driver From Burning Car

A heroic officer in Washington managed to rescue a woman from a burning car after she called 911 and the entire heart-stopping ordeal was caught on tape by his body cam.

Officer Tim Schwering was the first on the scene when a Spokane woman desperately dialed for help; the engine compartment of her car had caught on fire and smoke was beginning to fill the vehicle, but she could not open her door or break her windows.

That’s when Schwering pulled out his baton and began smashing the driver’s side window. Video from the scene shows him struggling to crack the reinforced glass before finally creating an opening.

The nightmare only continued, though, as Schwering was also unable to unlock the door. Instead, the badass cop just yanked off the entire window and pulled the woman out of the raging inferno.

No word has surfaced as to the cause of the fire. Schwering and the victim were treated for smoke inhalation.