Badass Officer And His Badass Dog Avoid Killing Man Who Pretended To Have A Gun

A Texas police officer who found himself in a potentially dangerous standoff with a belligerent man has been praised as a hero – alongside his four-legged partner – for using his dog to take down the suspect, who appeared to be armed during his arrest.

The shocking incident, which took place in Grand Prairie, was captured on the officer’s dashcam. Footage shows the culprit leading police on a chase through a residential neighborhood before stopping in a driveway and jumping out of his car.

The suspect quickly adopts a shooting stance: that’s when K-9 Officer Jeff Payne made the split-second determination that he did not actually have a gun and sent his trained dog, Jurek, to neutralize the threat.

Jurek can be seen bravely charging the aggressive man, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to the ground as other officers approach. It turned out that Payne’s observation was true, as the suspect was only carrying a flashlight and a pocket knife.

Police had tried to pull the man over for a routine traffic stop, but he ended up speeding away and leading police on a chase for several miles before finally stopping.