Woah! Oblivious Woman Walks Out Right In Front Of A Speeding Train

There’s “found a $20 bill on the floor” lucky, and then there’s “narrowly avoided getting turned into red mist by a speeding train” lucky – this woman is the latter.

Security footage from the tracks at an Auckland train station shows several pedestrians nonchalantly making the crossing. A handful of walkers can be seen speeding up when the orange warning lights come on, but one oblivious woman doesn’t seem to notice.

She quickly glances to her right as she steps onto the tracks, and after not seeing any trains in the distance, decides to keep going. In a split-second it becomes clear that she should have looked to her left, too, as the train comes just a few feet of colliding with the absentminded woman.

Thankfully for the woman, the train driver had been paying attention and slammed on the emergency brakes, which slowed the multi-ton vehicle down just enough to avoid a tragedy.

There’s no doubt that this woman had a guardian angel watching out for her, but do yourself a favor and take the extra moment to look both ways before crossing the street – nevertheless the train tracks, for crying out loud.