Obama's Approval Ratings Down

Oh come on, where's the love white people?? A new poll was released showing that President Obama has reached a new low in approval ratings of whites and even hispanics. Now only 33 percent of white people support him and 48 percent of Hispanic voters are still down with the brown. But thanks to Fox News reporting that he had a "Hip Hop BBQ" a few weeks ago, his approval from the African American population has risen from 84% to "Hell yeah, that's my dawg. Ballin'!!" Look, it's a racial story, ya gotta let me have some fun with this. Look Mr. Obama, ya want your approval with the whites to improve? Just do a guest star on "2 1/2 men" as Ashton Kutscher's wacky friend Terrell & your popularity is gonna skyrocket. And here is your mistake with the Hispanics, you never went on "Lopez Tonight" before it got cancelled! Remember when Clinton blew his horn on "Arsenio"? That went so well for him that chubby white chicks gave him "special" service in the White House. A Bill Clinton joke? Yeah I went there, don't judge me.