NYPD traffic enforcement sergeant parks illegally while using th

Here is another example of the hypocrisy and double-standard that we see daily in New York City. The NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agency is notorious for employing uneducated heartless lowlifes to enforce petty nonsensical parking laws. Recently in the news it was reported that a traffic enforcement agent ticketed an elderly man helping his crippled blind wife into their car outside a doctors office. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2008/... The only time Traffic Officers show discretion and compassion is when it comes to enforcing the law on other traffic officers. And as usual , traffic enforcement agents believe that they are above the law themselves. In this video, a Sergeant parks his official vehicle illegally in a no parking anytime zone while he runs his personal errands and goes into the bank to use the ATM machine. When confronted he says that the law is clear that when someone is parking to use an ATM machine they must park in a legal metered space.When asked why he didnt park in a legal metered sp