Naked Woman Pretends She Was Raped To Steal Cop’s Pickup Truck

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. An Arizona woman who was stopped by a police officer after she was spotted wandering around naked in public ended up stealing the cop’s pickup truck and leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase – and the bizarre encounter was caught on video and has now been released to the public.

Deputy Francisco Campillo with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was on patrol in Gila Bend when he noticed 31-year-old Lisa Luna walking along the street wearing nothing at all.

When Campillo flagged Luna down to ask if she was in trouble, the woman claimed that she had been raped and asked the officer for an article of clothing to cover herself. Campillo went to retrieve a blanket to cover Luna, only for the strange woman to hop into his truck and drive away.

Luna’s antics kicked off a 70-mile chase that involved multiple law enforcement officers trying to flag down the nude bandit. She was finally arrested after she crashed the stolen vehicle into another car. Now, Luna faces a slew of charges and is currently in police custody.

When questioned by police, Luna confessed that she fabricated the rape story and was high on an unspecified drug at the time of her interaction with Campillo. She told investigators that she was hearing the voices of her deceased father and friend while carrying out the impromptu heist.