nothing but wrong Jimmy Danger neanderpaul

Jimmy Danger is a smokin' guitar player I met on In my opinion he combines all of the best elements of classic metal with none of the cheesy hang ups of metal. This was an online collaboration. Jimmy wrote, performed, and recorded the music. Then I wrote the lyrics, took his track to Lambdors records and recorded the vocals. I then took the raw files home and mixed using audacity. Here are the lyrics. Nothing but wrong - I don't care what the people say, I'm making my own resolution, and I can say what I mean today, when I'm moved to make a decision, Time has shown with the world today, that fools always scream loudest, They will rise and they will fall, resist them with all of your prowess, yeah and they might as well go home, cause their instincts are all wrong, yeah they might as well go home, Now I don't have what it takes today, to lay waste to all of their powers, But I will do what I can with words, to move you to crumble their towers, You and I know that