Not Even Close

Posted by NastyTheHorse on May. 12, 2008

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This guy attempts his first (and likely last) back-flip. He missed by so much for a second I thought he still had a chance to land on his feet without the flip but fortunately for the video he somehow managed to land on his head.This is a video of a dumb guy attempting a back flip and he’s not even klose. Its one thing if you know how to do a back flip but to attempt it on camera and not even come close to succeeding is just setting yourself up for failure. Who let this guy on camera anyways? This is far from a back flip, its more like a back fall. If you are going to try a back flip on you’re own, make sure you don’t end up like this dude who was not even klose.

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Tags 360, backflip, fail, head, jump, miss

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