Disturbing North Korea Propaganda Video Depicts Nuclear Strike In America

It’s not a party in North Korea without some good old anti-American war propaganda! North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un commemorated his late grandfather’s birthday by presiding over a movie screening of a simulated nuclear missile attack on a major American city.

Disturbing footage from the cultish celebration shows Kim Jong Un waving to a crowd of uniformed citizens as they lavish the portly despot with uninterrupted applause. The clip then cuts to a singer leading a full orchestra as a virtual missile launches behind him.

As the crowd continues to go nuts and the music turns particularly epic, the warhead travels across the Pacific Ocean before crashing into North America, resulting in an enormous explosion that gives way to a burning vision of the American flag.

It was a bold move by North Korea at a time when tensions between Washington D.C. and Pyongyang continue to mount. On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence promised that the Trump administration would mount an “overwhelming and effective” retaliation if North Korea were to use any conventional or nuclear weapons.