North Korea Propaganda Video Shows Bombing Of United States Capitol Building

Is this North Korea’s attempt at meme warfare? If so, it’s not working. A dramatic new propaganda film out of the land of Kim Jong Un appears to show America collapsing under the might of the Democratic People’s Republic.

The video opens with a glimpse of North Korea’s sizable army standing in formation before giving way to a montage of missile installations preparing to fire. We’re then treated to an intense musical track as crosshairs are superimposed over spliced images of the White House and several U.S. aircraft carriers.

As the rousing music picks up intensity, the video shows off a simulation of armed conflict between North Korea and the United States, including one segment that appears to show a line of tanks firing laser guns straight out of Star Wars.

At the end of the clip, North Korea emerged victorious (spoiler alert) after launching an awe-inspiring missile salvo at the United States Capitol Building that blows it to smithereens.

“A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier,” a female narrator says at one point in the video, “while the bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hail of fire.”