NMCNiggaMovies Go For Broke Trailer

Breaking Into Prison Was Easy, But Breaking Out Was A DragTwo down-and-out honeys, Jackson (Pras) and Rome (Michael Goorjian), need to score some dead presidents fast, before a vicious loan shark and a violent landlord come calling. Just when things start looking up with the purchase of a winning lottery ticket, its stolen out of their hands by Belinda (Lisa Raye), a beautiful burglar. As the police bust Belinda, she slyly swallows the lottery ticket, and the chase is on. Figuring the best way to get the ticket back is to follow Belinda into an all womens lock-up, the guys dress like female inmates and eventually end up behind bars. Inside jail and dressed as women Jackie and Romie find themselves in the middle of girl gangs The Lily Whites and Hoes with Attitude. Worse yet, the loan sharks and most important of all...the guys have to take showers with the girls!