NFL Predictions

Hank Williams Jr, put down the bourbon for a second & warm up that voice because we’re ready for some football!! With the season set to begin in a few weeks, Bleacher Report listed 3 “can’t miss” games for the upcoming season. So I thought I’d share my matchups & predictions on those games. 1st up: Saints vs Packers in week 1. Yes, the last 2 Super Bowl Winners battle it out. It’s Drew Brees’s face mole vs Aaron Rodgers man-beard. Although the mole is a force to be reckoned with, I’ll take the Pack at home. Week 5: Bears vs Lions on Monday Night Football. Quarterback Matt Stafford with his fragile shoulder vs Jay Cutler with his fragile ego. I’m gonna say Cutler isn’t over his breakup with Kristen Cavaleri by this game, so I’ll take the Lions. And finally, Week 5: Jets vs Patriots. We have Rex Ryan’s buddha belly vs Bill Belichik’s miserable personality. Plus with new wide receivers! Chad Ochocinco on the Pats & Plaxico Burress on the Jets. On paper, it’s a wash, but Plaxico might just bring a gun into Gillette stadium, so I’ll take the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets in an upset. Enjoy the rest of the preseason!!