NFL is Back!!

The National Football League came back in style on Thursday night as the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers outlasted the previous Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints 42-34 in a shootout between quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. For all you Fantasy nerds (like myself), each guy had 3 touchdown passes and threw for over 300 yards. It's so nice to see that the players and owners finally said to eachother, "Hey, we're all millionaires, let's get that pigskin back on the field and toss it around for poops & giggles". Local Packer fans were very happy with the outcome of the game, saying "Ooh boy, that Aaron Rodgers sure is a swell quarterback, and that Clay Matthews still hasn't cut his dang hair". New Orleans fans obviously weren't as pleased, with one fan being quoted as saying (I'm gonna speak Cajun jibberish here)…K I don't know how to speak Cajun, but just picture this guy saying it (Use the previous picture of the guy from "Swamp People" that we used before)