Newscaster and streaker ! (Run by farting)

Posted by vmackey1 on Jul. 16, 2008

Newscaster giving a news report has a streaker run behind her leaving a suprise as he passes by. Funny, Hilarious. More like a run by actually, this streaker livens up the local newscast. An other similar story, I just saw it a few minutes ago... the 10PM news led with a story on dry brush still presenting a fire danger, and one of their reporters was doing a stand-up commentary outside somewhere in the Colony. The nude man wearing some sort of a cap crossed between the reporter and the camera, and was honking a party horn. The rear view of the guy probably will save the station from a stiff Federal fine... The reporter was a real pro. His commentary didn't even stammer, but you could see a slight shift of attention on his face...

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