New Mario Bros. Movie Trailer | The Game Station Exclusive!

The Game Station presents an epic gangland tale of betrayal and violence in this mock trailer for THE BROTHERS MARIO. Directed by THE COUNTRY CLUB (Nathan Kitada & Aaron T. Umetani) subscribe to CountryClubPictures for more cool stuff- http-// Starring- Jackson Canning as MARIO WillyWats as LUIGI — http-// Ceciley as PEACH — http-// Rawn as BOWSER — http-// TheBdonski as SHYGUY — http-// Vinny as GOOMBA — http-// Timothy DeLaGhetto as TOAD — http-// & NicePeter as BIRDO, YOSHI, and THE HAMMER BROS. — http-// Assistant Director- Ben Nix-Bradley Sound Recording- NicePeter — http-// Sound Design- Rafael Serrano — http-// Music- Brian H. Kim — http-// with rap song Over (feat. Rahman Jamal and Pasha) by DJ Def