New Kinds of Diesel Fuel

Posted by Newsfeed on May. 09, 2011

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When I think of Brazil I think of samba, soccer, Brazilin bikini waxes. But that is all about to change because ADM - the largest grain processor and Cargo Inc. are about to invest $560 million dollars in new Biofuel Refineries in Brazil. With oil about costing about $100 dollars per barrel, it’s about freaking time, plus it’s going to help Brazil’s overall economy meaning more samba soccer and Brazilian waxes, Ole! Which reminds me, I really, really need to make an appointment.With gas projected to hit $5 per gallon this summer maybe it will be Brazil to the rescue for lower pump prices. Brazil is getting an investment of over half a billion dollars to build new Biofuel Refineries which hopefully will lead to lower gas prices.

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