Never Met You At All - Chrissy (original)

Posted by Chrissy-Spratt-785 on Jul. 05, 2013

This is Track 6 from my EP which can be downloaded for free at Support on Follow me Title- Never Met You At All Artist/Songwriter- Chrissy Beats by- Cheta @chetameister Produced by- Steve Foley Lyrics- Verse 1 Some days I don't think of you It's like we never met, and you don't mean a thing to me Some days I can't get you out of my head So I reminisce, of what we could have been What is happening to me I'm losing my mind I'm taking it day by day It's a battle to stay sane Pre-Chorus Some days I'm gonna win Some days I'm gonna lose Some days are gonna be better Some days I wanna remember And some days I wish I never met you at all Chorus Never met you at all Never met you at all Never met you at all, at all, at all (x2) Verse 2 Some days I'm ready to fight Smile in the mirror, today I'm a winner But some days I can't get out of my bed Tears on my pillow while you're probably doing just fine I want you to know that you really had me going I laugh out loud but cry inside I need to get a hold on life (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Bridge Some days I wish you don't exist (Never met you at all) I take one step, you pull me back (Never met you at all) Yes, no Stay, go Love, hate Some, days I wish, I Never met you at all (x4) (Chorus)

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