Netflix Price Hike Today

Posted by Staff on Sep. 01, 2011

Hi, I’m Shannon Hatch and you’re watching Newsfeed! Today Netflix’s new prices go into effect. Say goodbye to the popular $9.99 a month plan that allowed for unlimited streaming and DVD rental, and hello to the nearly $16 per month plan if you want both features. Let’s take a look at the public’s reaction to this: You can do that, or you can pay $7.99 if you just want one or the other. Or you can really stick it to the man and cancel your account because you’ve had the same Disc 1 Season 2 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia sitting next to your television with a post-it note saying, “Seriously, you need to mail me back” for the last 3 months. I’m Shannon Hatch, and you’ve been fed.

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