Netflix Dropped Another ‘Dear White People’ Trailer And People Are Still Mad

Despite the firestorm of controversy that it ignited a few months back, Netflix is still set to release “Dear White People” on its digital platform, a new series adapted from an indie film of the same name. And, again, people are angry after watching this latest trailer.

“Dear White People” follows the story of Samantha White (Logan Browning), a biracial student at an elite, predominately white university. She’s making waves as the host of a radio show that is also called “Dear White People,” Samantha’s platform to tackle the perceived institutional racism at her place of learning.

“Having a black vibrator does not count as an interracial relationship,” White tells her enthusiastic fanbase.

We also get a glimpse at some of the plot points contained within: a student government election, a scandalous relationship between White and a white guy, and a student who’s struggling with his sexuality, for instance.

“Dear White People” will hit Netflix on April 28th.