Navy Seal History

This is a transcript of Navy Seal History on Newsfeed…News that Osama Bin Laden was killed in an up-close fire fight with US Navy Seals has sparked new interest into the elite tactical organization – but who are they and what do they do – besides have the most adorable name in the military? The Navy Seals were started in 1962 when the Navy realized that they needed to get troops on the beaches without them being spotted by enemies. The acronym SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land. Now, they added the “E” to it because the name SAL…sounds cranky and old, not sneaky at all. The Navy Seals have the most rigorous fitness standards in all the military. One of them is that you must be able to do 42 push ups in 2 minutes, or 1 push up every 2.8 seconds. The record for fastest chugging of a liter of beer…2.3 seconds, I know which I one I am planning on training for!