Nanaimo Bath Tub Racer

Posted by Kalman-Kallai-639 on Jan. 24, 2012

2011 International Bath Tub Race in Nanaimo, BC. Dustin, Captain of the finest tub in the Pacific, steers his way through the turbulent water of Nanaimo. The conditions were rough that day for the tub, almost sinking twice, filling up completely with water. The only thing keeping it from sinking was the pursuit of finishing the race and the helpful crew of HMCS Nanaimo in the support boat. Sadly we lost a fine member that camera, to the bottom of the ocean where all the bottom feeders dwell. If only we had those captured shots. We also lost a bottle of NOS, but made up for it with a successful transfer afterwards. Enjoy. Movement Proposition by- Kevin MacLeod (

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