Intense Scene Where Murder Suspect Tries To Take Cop's Gun In Interview Room

A standard police interview almost turned into a shocking suicide-by-cop when an Ohio murder suspect ambushed an officer and tried to get control of his gun. The above video shows the moment when 23-year-old Thomas Robinson lunged at the unsuspecting cop and began a dramatic struggle for the firearm.

In the clip, which was filmed in a Cincinnati police station, officer James Bell can be seen moving to unlock the handcuff securing Robinson to the chair. As Bell goes about removing the cuffs, Robinson seems to notice Bell's sidearm and then ponders his next move.

Suddenly, Robinson sees an opportunity and reaches back for the gun, removes it from the holster, and jumps to his feet, still cuffed to the chair. Bell immediately grabs the gun and keeps it in his grasp while shouting for help. 

Robinson limps to the corner of the room, still fighting for the sidearm, and begins screaming, “Kill me! Kill me!” A second officer bursts into the room and fires a taser into Robinson's back, but he continues to struggle. Another officer unsuccessfully attempts to grab Robinson before deciding to fire his taser, finally immobilizing Robinson.

The bold move has prompted law enforcement to slap Robinson with a charge of assaulting a police officer on top of the murder charge that landed him in prison. Robinson is accused of fatally shooting 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong, Jr., who was found dead by police alongside another deceased individual who was also shot.