Mugger's Awkward Attempt To Rob Dude Walking Down The Street With $48,000

A partially bungled robbery attempt in New York City resulted in something resembling a cash-filled piñata getting cracked open when a crook tackled a man carrying tens of thousands of dollars in cash only to send it flying everywhere.

Surveillance video shows the rich-blooded 27-year-old walking through the Bronx carrying a bag filled with $48,000 in cash. Suddenly, a mugger sprints up from behind and tries to snatch the bag; a moment later, he’s on the ground after tripping over the curb like a doofus.

The victim briefly manages to gain the upper hand, pinning the mugger down on the ground and forcing him up and away from the pile of cash. That’s when another bandit spots an opportunity to get rich quick and decides to enter the fray.

As the second suspect distracts the dazed victim, the first thief snatches up a small wad of bills worth $21,500 and flees. The accomplices then sprint away down the street.

According to police, the victim suffered minor facial injuries and was treated at the scene by emergency responders. No word has surfaced as to the identity or whereabouts of the two muggers.