Dream Superhero Director - MOVIE FIGHTS!

Guests Michael Barryte (https://www.youtube.com/belatedmedia), Davis (https://www.youtube.com/TheWarpZone) and Hal Rudnick (Host of Screen Junkies) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore for the week of 6/5: 0:05:41 FIGHT 1 - Which director should make a superhero movie? 0:20:00 FIGHT 2 - What star should reboot an 80s movie? 0:32:32 FIGHT 3 - Best spy movie not including James Bond? 0:45:03 FIGHT 4 - Best singular film made from a TV Show? 0:57:28 FIGHT 5 - Best inspirational speech made from a film? 1:08:17 FIGHT 6 - Best first movie from any director? 1:19:20 FIGHT 7 - SPEED ROUND Go to http://www.lootcrate.com/moviefights by June 19th at 9pm PST to subscribe and receive the CYBER themed crate, which includes amazing exclusives from Terminator Genisys, Borderlands, Battlestar Galactica, and more – including an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt you won’t find anywhere else!!