Little Mouse Causes Burly Police Officer To Run And Hide

A Florida police officer is undoubtedly the new laughing stock of his department after he was caught on surveillance video fleeing like his life depended on it from a little mouse.

The cop from Saint Petersburg, Florida seems like he would be more than a match for the miniscule creature. After all, he’s armed to the teeth and hundreds of times larger than the critter.

But when the officer finds himself face-to-face with a rat at the other end of the hallway, his fight-or-flight reflex instantly gets activated – and he chooses flight. The terrified lawman throws his hands up in the air and runs away in comic fashion, only stopping to look back when he is a safe distance from the rat.

While other cops out there are preoccupied with the kind of rats who snitch on their criminal friends, this guy appears to have his own rodent drama going on.